This book, CHEFS, tells twenty-five stories that encapsulate the unique brand we call Belgium. The project focuses on the extraordinary competency of this small country in two of its many areas of expertise. This book clearly demonstrates that we Belgians are second to no one in the world when it comes to entrepreneurship and gastronomy.
Each story relates to a particular business sector — ranging from services and innovation to heavy industry — and the CEOs who lead them. Each is a synopsis of an actual large and medium sized Belgian company that is renowned for their excellence in the products they provide and the way they do business. Accompanying each entrepreneurial thumbnail sketch is a story about one of Belgium’s best culinary chefs. Many are already world renowned with a string of star ratings following their name. Others are aspiring young talents on their way to the top. Each is proof of Belgium’s gold medal standing for excellence on the world podium.
CHEFS brings both types of the chefs together, the ‘chef d’entreprise’ and the ‘chef de cuisine’. They both have the knowledge of how to bring the right ingredients together to create the highest possible quality. The interaction between two creative leaders is used to create a unique gourmet recipe as well as a recipe for business success. In a word, we present to you a moment of shared and passionate values.
Entrepreneurs and Chefs building a strong brand — Belgium.